To add a new client record in Curanotis, click on the Add Client tab at the top of the page.

The Add New Client page will appear.

  1. Check the FACILITY? checkbox if you want to track visits to a particular facility (not common).
  2. Enter the client's name. FIRST NAME and LAST NAME are required, PREFIX (such as "Dr." or "Fr.") and SUFFIX (such as "III" or "Jr.") are optional. (If this is a facility, it show show FACILITY NAME instead.)
  3. Select a client HEALTH (PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL) indicator. The options in the client health list can be changed by your Curanotis Administrator.
  4. Select a CONDITION color. These provide at-a-glance status information about the current condition of your client which can be used to convey urgency. We encourage each organization to develop their own guidelines for client conditions. If you are unsure what to select, talk with your Curanotis Administrator, or leave the color unselected.
  5. Select a GENDER.
  6. Enter the contact's PRIMARY PHONE number and PRIMARY EMAIL address (if available).
  7. Enter the client's BIRTHDATE, if known.
  8. Check the PARISHIONER? checkbox if the client is a parishioner of your church.
  9. Select a CAMPUS, if desired. [Note: Campuses are an optional feature, and may not be part of your church installation.]
  10. If you want to enter a physical address for the client...
    1. select an ADDRESS TYPE. The options in the Address type list are updatable by your Curanotis Administrator.
    2. Enter a LOCATION/FACILITY NAME. If the address is in a location that does not have a name, you can leave this blank, or enter a descriptor like "Primary Home" or "Sister's Home". 
    3. Enter the rest of the address.
    4. Select a TIMEZONE for the location if it is different from the default value. Timezones are important for addresses because they are needed for correctly creating calendar entries for scheduled items.
    5. Indicate if the address participates in DAYLIGHT SAVINGS? time.
  11. For PUBLIC NOTES, enter any information about a client that can be shared with visitors and staff that may be useful. For example: your general concerns they may have about their situation. Do not enter anything confidential in this field.
  12. For PRIVATE NOTES, enter additional information that should only be visible to internal staff who have explicitly been given rights. Volunteers with access rights Limited cannot see this information.
  13. Click on Save.

The client record will be saved, and the Find Client page will appear. You can confirm that the client was successfully entered by searching for them in the client list.