To add a new user for your organization, click the Admin menu, then select the Add New User submenu.

The Add User form will appear.


  1. Enter a username and password that the user will use to access the system. We recommend that you use something like "Mary.Martin" (FIRSTNAME.LASTNAME). 
  2. Enter the user's full name, including prefix and suffix if necessary.
  3. Select a contact type. For users, the three available contact types are "Volunteer", "Staff", and "Clergy". 
  4. Select a gender, if desired.
  5. Enter a primary phone number if desired.
  6. Enter a primary email address. If this user does not have an email address, you can make one up. (Email address is currently required.) In this case, use something to make it obvious that the email address is not real, perhaps something like "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.".
  7. Select the access rights for this user:
    1. Administrator: These users have access to everything in the system, including confidential information and user maintenance. This role should only be held by a small number of users in your organization.
    2. Extended: These users have access to most functionality in Curanotis, except user administration and setup. 
    3. Limited: These users have very limited access. Typically users with these access rights are volunteers who visit pastoral care clients.
  8. If the access rights selected are "Extended", indicate if the user can "View Private?". If this checkbox is selected, the user will be able to view confidential notes for clients.
  9. If the access rights selected are "Limited", indicate if the user is allowed to create their own unscheduled interactions, and add/edit their own schedule.
  10. Click on Save to save the user. This will create both a user record (for logging into Curanotis) and an associated contact record.