Is there information you want to capture about clients or other contacts that isn't already part of Curanotis? For example:

  • When volunteers last received training (so you know when they need to be retrained)
  • Special skills or services volunteers can provide, like errands or rides
  • Special needs or services clients have, like a need for rides or occasional meal delivery

Curanotis allows your church to setup custom fields for contacts so that you can capture this information. Custom field information is also available within the Interactive Query so that you can create reports with these fields.

Custom Field Setup

Here's how it works. Let's assume you want to capture two new custom fields:

  1. Meal Delivery Household Count (so you know which contacts receive meal deliveries and how many people need to be fed)
  2. Last date your volunteers received training

First you'll need to setup your new custom fields. To do that, select Custom Fields from the Admin menu

The form for managing custom fields is displayed:

For our example, we want to create two new custom fields. The first field - meal delivery household - will show for clients only, and should also show a textbox so that we can capture the number of people in the household who receive meals. The second field - training - will only show for the staff and volunteers, and will show a date picker so that we can enter a date they received training. Here's how the form looks after creating the custom fields:

Notice that if desired, a custom field can appear for multiple types of contacts. Also, a custom field can show both a date picker and a textbox, or show neither making the custom field a single true/false type. (This might be useful if you wanted to capture something simple like if a volunteer can provide rides to clients.

Custom Field Use

Next, let's look at how the contact editor shows the custom fields. In the Contact Editor, custom fields appear below the photo and system status. For example, here's how it looks for a client with our new custom field:

To add the custom field information for this contact, the user would check the checkbox and enter the denomination:

When the contact is saved, the custom field information is saved with it. On the Contact View page, it will appear below the photo:

 Here's how the second custom field example (volunteer training) appears for a volunteer contact type:

In this case, the date picker can be used to enter date the volunteer was last trained. Again, when saved the information is visible on the Contact View page.

Interactive Query

Once you have contacts saved with custom field data, you may want to report on it. For example, you may want to find all clients receive a meal delivery, or find all volunteers who need to be trained.

To accomplish this, you can use the Interactive Query. With Interactive Query, you can search for contacts based on custom field data. You can also group by or filter on custom fields. Custom field data is available in the Contacts Query type, like so:

Only the first 10 custom fields created for an organization are available within Interactive Query.

Learn more about Interactive Query here